Typical Colombian Food and Specialities

Typical Colombian Dishes

What do the Colombians like to eat and what are some of the common dishes you can get in Colombian restauraurants, the streets or at home?

Today I would like to present to you some Colombian dishes. Some of them you can get only in certain parts of the country other dishes are available all over the country.

The Colombian cooking is a relatively simple and down to earth cuisine.
There is plenty of rice, beans, meat but also there is for us Europeans and people from the states the more exotic Platano and plenty of different fruits with exotic names like Lulo, Guayaba and Guanabana.

Food and Dishes

  • Ajiaco: Ajiaco is a chicken soup that originates in Bogota but became famous all over Colombia. It includes different type of potatoes, chicken, corn and Guasca. Usually with the soup itself come capers, sour cream, rice and a piece of Avocado. The additions can be added to your liking
  • Hormigas Culonas (Ants): Roasted ants that are eaten as a snack like Crisps or in sauces. You can get the ants with the big butt in the area around Santander
  • Arepa: The corn flower tortilla/bread comes almost with every dish and is available in different forms like Arepa de huevo (with egg) or Arepa de Chocolo (made from sweet corn often served with white cheese) and is also available in other Latin American countries
  • Arroz de Coco: Coconut rice that is mainly eaten on the Colombian coast. Usually a side dish with fish. Kokosreis der an der kolumbianischen Küste oft mit Fisch gegessen wird
  • Buñuelos: Fried dough balls with soft cheese. A typical snack during Christmas time.
  • Changua: Milk soup with eggs
  • Chunchullo: Grilled entrails (also in other Latin American countries)
  • Cuchuco de Trigo: Grain of wheat soup with vegetables and meat
  • Empanadas: Who doesn`t know this famous South American Street Food snack? Filled and fried buns/dumplings. The dumplings are usually filled in different ways sometimes with minced meat and potatoes sometimes with rice. Empanadas are widespread over entire Latin America and they come in plenty of forms. The Colombian Empanadas are fried, in Argentina they are usually baked.
  • Frijoles con Garra: Beans with pig’s trotter
  • Fritanga: Plate of grilled meat, sausages and innards
  • Hogao: A kind of sauce made of onions, spring onions, tomatoes, Garlic, cumin, salt and pepper
  • Lechona: A roasted pork filled with rice and peas. Originates in the region around Tolima
  • Morcilla: Black pudding filled with rice
  • Pandebono: Kind of a type of bread made of corn flour cheese dough
  • Patacones: Flattened fried plantain
  • Sancocho: Soup or rather stew with meat and vegetables
  • Sopa de Mondongo: Tripe stew with vegetable from Antioquia
  • Tamales: Corn dough wrapped in banana leaves
  • Bandeja de Paisa: Everyone living in Medellin or in Antioquia certainly knows a Bandeja de Paisa. It includes meat, chorizo, beans, bacon, egg, avocado and platain
  • Chicharron: Fried pork rind or pork belly


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