Colombia All-inclusive Vacation: The Best Hotels, Pros and Cons

Colombia, a country rich in cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality, offers travelers a wealth of opportunities to experience an unforgettable vacation. All-inclusive resorts are an excellent choice for visitors looking for a carefree stay in comfort and style. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best all-inclusive hotels and options in Colombia that cater to all tastes and budgets.

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The best hotels for an all-inclusive vacation in Colombia

Irotama Resort - Santa Marta

All Inclusive Colombia
Irotama Resort - Santa Marta2

The Irotama Resort, located on the beautiful coast of Santa Marta, offers a wide range of accommodation, from luxurious bungalows to comfortable rooms with sea views. The resort is surrounded by lush gardens and offers access to a private stretch of beach. The all-inclusive option includes not only food and beverages, but also activities such as tennis, golf and non-motorized water sports.

Decameron Barú - Isla Barú

Decameron Barú All-Inclusive
Decameron Barú2

Hotel Decameron Barú is located on the idyllic island of Barú, known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear Caribbean Sea. This resort offers an all-inclusive experience that includes meals, drinks, activities and entertainment. Guests can enjoy a variety of water sports, such as snorkeling and kayaking, as well as relaxing on the beach or in one of the several pools.

Hotel Las Américas - Cartagena de Indias

Hotel Las Américas - Cartagena de Indias2
Irotama Resort - Santa Marta2

Hotel Las Américas, located in the historic city of Cartagena de Indias, offers a luxurious all-inclusive experience. Guests can choose between the beach resort and the city hotel, both offering access to a variety of restaurants, bars and leisure activities. The resort has several pools, a spa and offers special children’s activities, making it an excellent option for families.

Movich Hotel Cartagena de Indias

All-Inclusive Cartagena
Movich Hotel Cartagena de Indias2

For those who want to experience the vibrant city life of Cartagena de Indias without sacrificing the comfort of an all-inclusive vacation, the Movich Hotel is an excellent choice. The hotel offers a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the city and the sea. The all-inclusive packages include exquisite food and drinks as well as access to the spa and cultural tours of the city.

Decameron Isleño - San Andrés - All-Inclusive

Decameron Isleno - All inclusive San Andres
Decameron Isleno - All inclusive San Andres2

The Royal Decameron on the island of San Andrés is known for its excellent all-inclusive services. The resort offers an impressive selection of restaurants and bars, an 18-hole golf course, several pools and a wide range of water sports. The island of San Andrés, famous for its Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, also offers unique opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

Pros and cons of all-inclusive vacations in Colombia

All-inclusive vacations in Colombia offer an attractive option for travelers looking for a carefree experience in one of South America’s most diverse countries. However, as with any travel option, there are both pros and cons that should be considered.


Cost efficiency: all-inclusive packages can often be more economical, especially for families or groups, as food, drinks, accommodation and sometimes activities are included in a single price. This makes it easier to budget and control spending.

Convenience: With pre-planned meals, activities and entertainment, guests don’t have to worry about planning every aspect of their trip. This reduces stress and allows travelers to fully focus on relaxing and enjoying the local experience.

Variety of activities: Many all-inclusive resorts offer a wide range of activities, from water sports to cultural excursions, included in the total price. This gives guests the opportunity to try out new experiences without having to worry about additional costs.

Safety and comfort: Resorts often offer a high level of safety and comfort, which can be particularly reassuring for first-time visitors to Colombia. Guests can enjoy the resort facilities without having to worry about safety concerns outside of the resorts.


Less local experience: Corresponding resorts can sometimes be isolated from the local culture and community, meaning guests may not experience the full depth of Colombian culture and hospitality.

Limited food choices: Although most resorts offer a variety of food, menus may be repetitive or not cover the full range of Colombian cuisine. Travelers looking for authentic culinary experiences may find this a disadvantage.

Less individuality: As all-inclusive packages are geared towards a wide range of guests, they can sometimes lack personalization. Travelers looking for a tailored experience may feel limited.

Exploring outside the resort: Guests who opt for such a package may be reluctant to spend extra money to explore outside the resort. This may cause them to miss out on Colombia’s diverse landscapes, cities and cultural attractions.


Colombia offers an impressive variety of all-inclusive resorts, ranging from tranquil beach resorts to lively city hotels. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure or cultural experiences, you’re sure to find the perfect all-inclusive hotel for your next vacation in Colombia. With the right planning, you can enjoy the beauty and diversity of this fascinating country to the fullest.

Ultimately, deciding whether an all-inclusive vacation in Colombia is the right choice depends on individual preferences, interests and travel style. For those looking for a carefree and relaxed vacation, all-inclusive resorts offer an excellent option. For travelers who want to delve deeper into the culture and explore the country on their own, a more customized itinerary may be more beneficial.

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