Isla Múcura: travel tips for the Caribbean jewel

Legend has it that while playing, some children found three jars or múcuras filled with gold, which they threw into the sea without knowing the value of their contents, giving rise to Múcura.

Isla Múcura is a hidden gem in the north of Colombia, in the department of Bolívar to be precise, and is part of the San Bernardo archipelago, which is part of the Corales del Rosario National Park, which covers an area of 120,000 hectares and includes reefs, corals and extensive sea grasses.

This small, idyllic island is known for its stunning natural beauty, tranquil atmosphere and the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Isla Mucura, what makes it so special, what’s nearby, how to get there and what visitors can do there.

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What makes Isla Mucura so special?

Isla Mucura is a paradise for lovers of unspoiled nature and tranquillity. With its white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and lush tropical vegetation, the island offers a breathtaking backdrop for a relaxing vacation. Unlike other Caribbean destinations, Isla Mucura is relatively untouched by mass tourism, meaning visitors can enjoy a more authentic and intimate experience.

What's nearby to discover?

Isla Mucura is part of the Archipiélago de San Bernardo, a group of ten islands that also includes Isla Tintipán and Isla Boquerón. These islands offer similar attractions to Isla Mucura, including beautiful beaches and rich marine ecosystems for snorkeling and diving. Another notable nearby destination is the famous San Bernardo Oceanarium, which showcases a variety of marine life and is located on one of the islands in the archipelago.

Mucura Island

Getting there

Getting there can be a bit of an adventure, as it can only be reached by boat. Most visitors travel first to Cartagena or Tolú, two coastal cities in Colombia, from where regular boats depart for Isla Mucura and the other islands of the San Bernardo archipelago. The journey time varies depending on the departure point and weather conditions, but offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking Caribbean coastline.


From Tolú 70,000 COP per person one way (90,000 COP in high season)
From Tolú round trip 50,000 COP each way per person (70,000 COP in high season)
From Cartagena, a one-way trip costs around 150,000 COP. Departure is from el Muelle de la Bodeguita

Activities on Isla Mucura

The island offers a variety of activities that allow visitors to enjoy its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Some of the most popular activities include:

  • Snorkeling and diving: The waters around Isla Mucura are known for their rich marine biodiversity to explore. Colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine life offer an unforgettable underwater experience.
  • Beach relaxation: The beaches of Isla Mucura invite you to relax and sunbathe. The clear water is ideal for a refreshing dip in the Caribbean.
  • Kayaking and paddleboarding: Visitors can explore the calm waters around the island by kayak or paddleboard and experience the picturesque coastline from a unique perspective.
  • Visit the bioluminescent plankton: Some tours offer night excursions to observe the fascinating natural spectacle of glowing plankton that can be found in the waters around the island at certain times of the year

Hotels on Múcura Island

Hotel Isla Mucura

Due to its small size, there are correspondingly few hotels on the island. Nevertheless, I would like to give you a few suggestions here:

Hotel Punta Faro: The best rated hotel and rightly so. A beautiful 4-star hotel where you can only feel good.

In your room at the Hotel Punta Faro you will be surrounded by light blue tones and sea motifs. Facilities include a minibar, cable TV and a private bathroom.

The hotel only offers full board. You will be spoiled with international cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant. For your added convenience, there is a grocery store and a snack bar where you can get drinks and simple meals. Click here for current prices

Hotel Isla Mucura: A very good 4-star hotel where you can have a good time. In addition to a garden and a shared lounge, Hotel Isla Mucura also offers a restaurant and a bar. Room service is available for your convenience and you can enjoy the cozy sun terrace. Entertainment is provided by a nightclub and a kids’ club. Click here for current prices

For budget travelers

Hostal Paraiso: If you are traveling on a limited budget, you should take a look at this inexpensive option. From double rooms to dormitories, there are various accommodation options here. Click here for current prices

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