The San Blas Islands in Panama

San Blas is an archipelago northeast from the coast of Panama, which ranges as far as to the Colombian Caribbean coast. Only few of the islands are inhabited. Administrated and occupied are these islands by the Kuna Yala.

San Blas
San Blas

How to get there?

From Cartagena (Colombia)           

There are several possibilities in order to get to the San Blas Islands. One of them is to take a sailing boat from Cartagena. The sailing. Trip to San Blas takes 2-3 days. V.

From Capurgana (Colombia

Another possibility is to take a boat from Capurgana, a little village on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. For 4 persons the boat trip costs 80.000 Colombian Pesos (40 Dollars) and for just 2 persons it will be 100.000 Colombian Pesos (50 Dollars). The trip takes approximately 4 hours.

Sunset San Blas
Sunset San Blas

From Panama City

You can also go to San Blas from Panama City and this is was the option we chose since we were already located in Panama City. Plenty of hotels and hostels offer trips to San Blas that include the transport by jeep to the harbor and the boat transit to the islands. These trips usually start at 5.30am in the morning and the transport costs.

At the port everything’s is a little unorganized and especially if you don’t speak a word of Spanish it will get a little confusing and if even if you speak Spanish you might get some problem with the funny accent of the Kuna indígena who actually don’t speak Spanish among each other but rather their own language. But anyway somehow everything worked out fine and after waiting 1 or 2 we eventually got dropped of after a short boat ride on the island we had booked.

Accommodation and Food

There are islands in different price ranges available where the nights cost between 20 and 100 Dollars. We decided to go for a cabana of the middle price range that was at a 75 Dollars for one Cabaña. Included are 3 meals per day, which are not very extensive and therefore I recommend bringing some snacks. You can also buy chocolate bars and beer for 2 Dollars a can on the islands.

San Blas Cabana
San Blas Cabana

San Blas is simply amazing!!!!

But now to my personal San Blas experience. Whilst we were approaching our little paradise island I already thought that this is how most people picture paradise. My second thought was how stupid are those people who spent thousands of Dollars to go to the Maldives if you can get something very similar for such little money. San Blas looks like one of these wallpapers where one always thinks, “OMG this is so beautiful, the turquoise water, the white sand and the coconut palm trees I wanna go there one day when I have enough money or latest for my honeymoon”. Good thing I didn’t wait for that long because probably then I would have to wait forever.

San Blas Inseln
San Blas

And there I was right in Paradise living in a small Cabaña not more than 10 meters away from the sea surrounded by palm trees. Apart from our little bungalow there were maybe 6-7 Cabañas more on this small island that probably had a diametric of not more than 200 meters. All the Cabañas were made of bamboo and just contained some mattresses to sleep on. Furthermore there was a little shack where the Kuna servedthe food and two toilettes of very little comfort. Also there was no electricity available during the nights bringing a pocket lamp could be a smart idea. We didn’t care at all that we had to give up on electricity or a nice shower if you spent your time in paradise these things do not really matter.  If you look for absolute peace you will certainly find it on this beautiful piece of heaven on earth.

I believe with us there were a maximum of 8 other Tourists on the island and apart from them some Kuna indígena that looked after us.

The best thing to do on the island is to do nothing and just suck in the beauty of his amazing place. There are probably not too many places in this world where you can do this so beautifully as on the San Blas islands

San Blas
San Blas

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