Jardín – In the Coffee Zone of Antioquia

The village (pueblo) Jardin in Antioquia

Jardin is a beautiful colorful Colombian village surrounded by mountains, stunning nature and plenty of coffee plantations. It is located only 124 Km from Medellin in Colombia`s coffee zone, in the southwest of Antíoquia. Even though the distance to Medellin seems rather short it will take approximately 4 hours by bus to get there from the city of eternal spring.


How to get there?

From Medellin you can take take either one of the bus companies Transporte Suroeste Antioqueño Andes-Jardin or Rapido Ochoa. The price for a one way ticket is between 10,000 and 15,000 COP and as mentioned before will take around 4 hours. The busses leave in Medellin from the Terminal Sur.

The village

Jardìn is a very beautiful pueblo, some even say it is the most beautiful pueblo in Antioquia and it has barely changed in the last 100 Years. The life is is very slow and hectic is something you certainly won`t find here. Life happens mainly around the main square where apart from plenty of Cafés, Bars and Restaurants you will also find the beautiful church of the town La Basilica.

The best way to enjoy this relaxed lace is to stroll around the city, go hiking in the surrounding nature or just have a cervecita at the central square and let the time pass by. Around the village you will not only find plenty of coffee fields but also many Platano (plantain) plantations.

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Getting around

Getting around is within the city best by foot. If you want to visit one of the nearby places you can take one of the many so called moto-ratónes. In Thailand for instance these vehicles are well known as Tuk Tuks. These moto-taxis will get you basically to all places worth visiting and are also pretty cheap.


Sights and Attractions

Apart from the village of Jardin itself La Cueva del Esplendor is definitely worth a visit. La Cueva del Esplendor is basically a little waterfall that falls into a cave. The easiest way to get there is take a moto-taxi up the mountain and then from there you can either hike the rest to the waterfall or you can ask for a horse at the beginning of the climb. If you are rather adventurous you can definitely but make sure it has rained too much in the past day before otherwise the ground will be very muddy and difficult to walk. You can also book a tour that will approximately take 3 hours in the center of Jardin. As it rained when we were there we decided to go for the option to go by horse. It took us roughly 1.30 hours to get to La Cueva del Esplendor. But not only our final destination is an attraction but also the way to get there riding over the green mountains of Jardin makes you feel a little like in Lord of the rings – The fellowship of the ring.


Cable Aéreo

An equally nice view you can have get when you take the cable car to a nearby mountain. You can again take a moto-raton to the foot of the cable car and then go up with the Teleferico. The price for a round trip ticket is at about 5000 COP. Arrived on the top you will be provided with a spectacular view.

Dulces de Jardin

If you like sweets you will have to pay a visit to Dulces de Jardin the confectionery shop and store offers really great sweets which are a perfect gift for friends and family that had to stay at home.


Las Trucheras

In Jardin and outside Jardin you will find many trout farms. there you can either buy or catch yourself some trouts or simply eat in one of the attached restaurant. One trout that is highly recommended is Estadero El Arka just 15 minutes outside of Medellin and I can also recommend.


In and around the city you will find plenty of options for accommodation. Here are some suggestions for people that like it a little bit more luxurious, for the average traveller and for budget travellers

Hospedaje Rural La Boira

rural_la_boireHacienda 2 Casa 3  Balandu, 056050 Jardín, Colombia

For the people that prefer a little luxury when they travel this hotel is basically equipped with everything you need from mountain views to kitchen amenities. For more information and booking click here



Finca Hostal Condor de los Andes

finca_hostal_condorCarrera 6 No 1 – 100 En la entrada al pueblo, 056050 Jardín, Colombia

This hostel delivers very good value for money. It is also located very central to the main plaza of Jardin. For more information and booking click here



Charco corazón

jardin_charco_corazonKm 1 vía La herrera, 056050 Jardín, Colombia

A very unique housing experience offers the Charco Carazon with its small hobbit like cabanas. The value for money is great here. For more information and booking click here

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