7 Villages You Have To Visit in Antioquia

7 Most Beautiful Pueblos (villages) in Antioquia

In Colombia there are several beautiful villages (Pueblos), which are just perfect for a short visit. Some of the most beautiful ones are located in the department of Antioquia. Typical for these Pueblos are the colourful houses, the particular balconies that are often decorated with lots of flowers and the market place in the centre where you usually find the villages church. Very often you will hear the sound of Vallenato the Colombian folk music with its origins in the city of Valledupar from huge speakers at the city centre and its surrounding bars. The villages in Colombia have a very particular atmosphere and are not only with the tourists and backpackers very popular. Even Colombian enjoy an outing to a nearby pueblo during their off days and holidays. The people on the countryside are very lovely and friendly together with the beauty of the colonial architecture visiting a Pueblo is always a great experience.

Here now a list of some of the most beautiful villages in Antioquia:

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Many say about Jardin that it is the most beautiful Pueblo in Antioquia. If it is indeed the most beautiful one is hard to tell but it is certainly worth a visit. But not only village with its main plaza and the church la Basílica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepción is an attraction but the nature that surrounds Jardin. Surrounded by mountains and coffee plantations time is best spent on a hike or a little talk with one of the locals over a cervezita (beer).


Santa Fe de Antioquia


Apart from the beautiful cobblestone streets and the amazing nature that surrounds Santa Fe its the 8 old churches that make Santa Fe so unique and beautiful. Around the main square colonial balconies and palm trees string together and create a very particular vibe. The small cafes and bars add the atmosphere another nice touch to this laid back atmosphere. One small tip as Santa Fe lies very low the climate is very hot therefore you shouldn’t forget your shorts and Flip Flops and who knows maybe you want to spent a few day in one of the beautiful fincas in the area and enjoy a swim in the pool.




Guatapé is probably the most famous village in Antioquia but that doesn’t make it less beautiful. The fame of the colourful Guatapé is certainly also a result of the 220 Meters high Monolith from which you have a spectacular view. A sign at the foot of the rock even says that is the best view in the world. I’m not sure about that but the view is definitely stunning. But Guatapé itself is a real attraction as well. With its small alley, the colourful houses and the lakes that offer many opportunities for water sports fans it is the perfect place for a daytrip with the whole family. Don’t miss it!!!



From this little village you can get with a Chiva (typical Colombian bus) from Jardin. You will drive via small mountain paths, passing magnificent coffee fields until you reach one of the most beautiful hills in South America. Partially it is the reward of La Madre Laura the first saint of Colombia that Jerico became a religious tourist attraction. At the Plaza Principal (main square) is a cathedral located with a monument of the saint in bronze. After visiting the church and the main square you should just stroll through the lovely cobblestone streets for a while. Here you can read more about why you should visit Jericó

Dinge die man in Medellin machen sollte



The most impressive of this colonial village just 1,5 hours southeast from Medellin are the musicians and artists that you can meet here and that make your visit worthwhile. In the past this place was rather known through his mineral mining, that attracted several people from Medellin and entire Colombia. By now most people live of agriculture and farming.


Santa Elena


From Santa Elena originate the Silleteros, which parade every year through the streets of Medellin during the Feria de las Flores in order to display their flower creations. Santa Elena is only 45 minutes away from Medellin the capital of Antioquia away. The quiet and the beautiful nature attracted me many times. Every now and then I go for a nice peaceful walk in Santa Elena and its surroundings. If you want to know more about Santa Elena you can read my post about a hike from the final station of the Metro cable to Santa Elena.


San Antonio de Pereira


Deserts, Sweets and delicious food everywhereDesserts…. Art, hand crafts, fiesta and a great atmosphere all this is San Antonio de Pereira a lovely village near the municipal of Rio Negro about 1 hour distance from Medellin. In case you want to see a beautiful place in the east of Antioquia you shouldnt miss out on San Antonio de Pereira.

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