13 Places You Have to See in Bolivia

13 Places You Have to See in Bolivia

There are a lot of places you have to see in Bolivia or you don`t have to but you should. Some might consider them Must-See places, maybe they are not but they are definitely places to consider visiting when in Bolivia.

I personally think Bolivia is an incredibly interesting country as people a very traditional and they try to keep these traditions. Apart from that the nature is simply stunning.

Here now a list of places you should try to visit when in Bolivia and some recommendations, on what to do and where to stay.

  1. La Paz

La Paz

Woman La Paz

I have to admit I didn’t have any expectations when I came to La Paz. I though it is just another big city in South America. But I have to admit that I really liked La Paz and that it has a very specific vibe. Apart from the obligatory stroll through the city, you can also visit the witch market and go up the Hill with the cable Car (Teleferico) for an amazing view over the city. For food I recommend you a real Bolivian Parrillada (barbeque) and for lunch go for the “Menu del Dia” as these menus are usually really good and cheap. For breakfast go to the small shopping center near Plaza de San Franzisco. Here there are plenty of little stalls lined up, that are usually owned by woman making a simple but good and cheap breakfast. It kind of feels like you are at home at your grandmas.

What to do in La Paz?

  • Stroll the City
  • Visit the witch market
  • Ride the cable car
  • Go out watch women`s wrestling

Where to stay in La Paz?

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  1. Copacabana/Titicaca


In Copacobana you can climb the „cerro calvario“ from where you have an incredibly amazing view over the Lake Titicaca. Apart from that a lot of backpackers stop here on their way to La Paz and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. Stroll the market and enjoy some local food for incredibly cheap prices. Also accommodation is incredibly cheap.

Things to do in Copacabana

  • Climb up the Cerro Calvario
  • Explore the local life
  • Hike the Isla del Sol
  • Relax

Where to stay in Copacabana?

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  1. Isla del Sol

    View Lake Titicaca Isla del Sol

The Isla del Sol is an island in the Lake Titicaca. Most tourist usually start their trip with one of the boats leaving from Copacabana, a village shortly after the border coming from Peru. The original name of the island was Titicaca which was later named the lake after. You can either make a half day trip, a full day trip or you can even sleep on the island. I would definitely recommend you to do at least the full day tour as the boat ride already take 1,5 hours to get there.

What to do on Isla del Sol?

  • Hike around
  • Relax
  • Spend the night

Where to stay on Isla del Sol?

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  1. Potosi

    View Potosi Potosi

Potosi lies very high in the Andes so hopefully you got used to the altitude by now as you will find yourself on 4000 meters above sea level, which doesn’t make it easier to climb the Cerro de Potosi (Cerro Rico). One of the main attractions here is the silver mine in the mountain. If you are claustrophobic this might not be your favourite sight and you will probably prefer to take a stroll through the city instead.

Things to do in Potosi?

  • Visit the Cerro Rico Mines
  • Enjoy the local life
  • Visit the market
  • Have a good time in a bar

Where to stay in Potosi?

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  1. Salar de Uyuni

    Train cemetery

There is probably no traveller or tourist that leaves Bolivia without having visited the main tourist attraction in Bolivia, the Salar de Uyuni. You have probably seen already the typical perspective pics everyone takes during their trip to the Salt flats. Apart from the fact that this place is amazing, there is one thing most travellers have a problem with and that is how to find a respectable tour provider. We chose a 3-day trip with “Know Bolivia Tours” for 750Bs and we were quite content. During the 3-day tour you will visit various different sights. Among them are for instance: the salt flats, colcachani, laguna verde, the laguna colorada, Geysir,“Sol de Mañana”Chuguana and the Arbol de Piedra (stone tree)

You need to book a tour? Check them on Tripadvisor


  1. Laguna Colorada

The Laguna Colorada is a beautiful place where due to algaes in the water, the water of the lake turns pink to redish. Most people stop there during their trip to the salt flats


  1. Santa Cruz

    Cathedral Santa Cruz de la Sierra

If you are not one of the long term travellers that usually cross the border to Bolivia via land coming from Chile or Peru, then there might be a high possibility that you fly into the country via Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The city on the foothills of the andes, is with a population of almost 1.5 Million inhabitants quite a big city and there are plenty of things to do. There is a vibrant nightlife and plenty of nice restaurants around the city. One of the main places for a dinner or a night out is the street Monseñor Rivero. If you are not quite a party person you should consider visiting one of the parks like the Parque El Arenal or the jardin botanico where you can see monkeys and sloths.

Things to do in Santa Cruz?

  • Eat and drink
  • Enjoy the nightlife
  • Walk the city
  • Visit a park

You need a hostel to stay in Santa Cruz?

Here are some of my recommendations:

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  1. City of Cochabamba

    Cristo Statue Cochamba

This city has a very unique atmosphere and a perfect climate. Medellin in Colombia is not the only city in South America that is called city of eternal spring as the city of Cochabamba carries the same name. The city is located in a valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains

Things to do in Cochabamba?

  • Visit the city centre
  • Go to the Museum of Anthropology
  • Visit the statue Cristo de la Concordia
  • Eat, drink and enjoy

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  1. Sucre

Sucre is a very beautiful colonial city with a very nice climate. One of my personal highlights is the cemetery in Sucre. It is beautifully arranged and indeed a place to “rest”. It seems more like a park than an actual cemetery. Apart from the cemetery you can also visit the choclate factory. Many Expats live in Sucre due to its low living costs and the mild climate. Also if you want to learn Spanish this could be an option for you as Spanish classes are pretty cheap here.

Things to do in Sucre?

  • Stroll the city centre
  • Visit at least one of the markets (mercado campesino or mercado central)
  • Visit the cemetery
  • Visit La Recoleta
  • Visit the Parque Cretácico
  • Enjoy a juice at Plaza de Mayo
  • Learn Spanish

The best Hostels in Sucre

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  1. Madidi National Park/Amazon

    Wild capybara Amazon

Here you can enjoy an absolutely diverse wildlife and simply impressing nature. The national park is home to a great diversity of animals and Bolivias largest protected area. The best way to enjoy this amazing park is by booking a tour. If you are lucky you can see Sloths, Jaguars, pink river dolphins and monkeys. Apart from these animals you can also have encounters with plenty of reptiles and different birds.

If you really want to enjoy the Park go for a  jungle + pampas tour. Simply book a stay in the Mashaquipe Ecolodge and I can promise you it will be amazing. Check out the reviews on tripadvisor.


  1. Coroico


Here you can enjoy a stunning view of the Yungas valley. Hike up the Cerro Uchumachi and enjoy the panorama from the viewpoint. Apart from that you can visit some beautiful waterfalls a few kilometres outside of the town.

Things to do in Coroico

  • Go hiking
  • Visit waterfalls
  • Go swimming
  • Enjoy the panorama

Best place to stay in Coroico

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  1. Tarabuco

    Tarabuco Sunday Market

The beautiful historic city of Tarabuco is located just 65 Km south-east of Sucre and is particularly know for its Sunday markets. Here you can buy beautiful handcrafted textiles and experience the unique Yampara culture.

What to do in Tarabuco?

  • Visit the Sunday market

Just make a daytrip to Tarabuco from Sucre.


13.City of Tarija

Tarija is located in the region where the most vine is produced in Bolivia. Make a tour and visit one of the wineries. A tour takes between 3 and 4 hours. Apart from that enjoy the Mediterranean climate and the beautiful landscapes surrounding the city.

Things to do in Tarija

  • Check out the town and its beautiful colonial buildings
  • Walk up the viewpoint Loma de San Juan
  • Walk along the Guadalquivir river
  • Vsit the central market
  • Vsit the nearby lake San Jacinto
  • Visit the Coimata Waterfalls nearby

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