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Filandia, a picturesque jewel in the Colombian Coffee Zone, is a place that takes travelers into a world full of vibrant colors, rich culture, and breathtaking natural scenery. This detailed travel report delves deep into the essence of Filandia, offering detailed insights into everything that makes this place so special. Most travelers in the area primarily visit Salento to explore the Valle de Cocora, but Filandia has its own unique charm and is not as touristy as Salento. The dreamy surrounding hill landscape also exudes the typical magic of Colombia.

Quindio Colombia

Filandia - Geographical Location and Surroundings

Filandia is located in the Department of Quindío in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Zone, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The region is known for its lush green hills covered with coffee plantations and the majestic Andes, which form a stunning backdrop. The surroundings of Filandia are characterized by impressive nature, including the Cocora Valley with its famous wax palms, the tallest palms in the world.

Coffee Zone Colombia

Description of the Town of Filandia

Filandia is a quintessence of Colombian Pueblos with colorfully painted houses and cobblestone streets. The architecture is a charming mix of colonial style and traditional Paisa elements. The heart of the town is the lively main square, surrounded by cafes, craft shops, and small restaurants. The church of Filandia, a landmark of the town, stands proudly on the square, giving the place a spiritual character.

Filandia Coffee Zone Colombia
Corn on a cob

Activities and Attractions

Coffee Tours: Visit one of the many coffee plantations to learn about the coffee production process and taste fresh, locally grown coffee.

Mirador de Filandia: A viewpoint that offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape, including the Cocora Valley and distant towns.

Craft Market: Discover handmade souvenirs and crafts reflecting the rich culture of the region.

Hiking and Nature Explorations: Explore the surrounding forests, rivers, and valleys, ideal for nature and hiking enthusiasts.

City Tours: Guided walks through Filandia to learn more about the history, culture, and architecture of the town.

Traveling from Bogota and Medellin

From Bogota: The journey to Filandia from Bogota takes about 8 hours by bus. There are several daily bus services starting from Bogota’s Salitre bus station. Alternatively, one can take a domestic flight to Armenia and then drive to Filandia in about 40 minutes. From Medellin: Filandia is about 6 hours away from Medellin by bus. Buses leave from the Terminal del Sur in Medellin and offer a scenic ride through the heart of the Coffee Zone.

Bungalow Filandia

Accommodations (Hotels and Hostels)

La Puesta Del Sol Filandia, located 400 meters from the Mirador, offers a garden and a terrace. The hotel is only 1.4 km away from the Mirador del Quindio, and the center of Filandia is just 1 km away and easily accessible.

The hotel is equipped with, among other things, a bar in the garden. Other restaurants, such as Canela Que Que Restaurante and Restaurante Mil De Cilantro, are located in the immediate vicinity. The hotel can be reached in just under 50 minutes from Pereira Airport.


Mythos Hostal is known for its affordable rates and proximity to great restaurants and attractions. Here you can enjoy the best of Filandia.

Restaurant Options for Vegans

In the Colombian countryside and Pueblos, it is usually not so easy to find vegan restaurants or at least restaurants with vegan options. In Filandia, the options are rather limited. However, here are some restaurants suitable for vegans. Unfortunately, there is no pure vegan restaurant in Filandia.

Aroiris Cocina Creativa A vegetarian restaurant with a daily changing menu, ranging from soups to desserts, including a variety of vegan dishes. Open Mon 9:00-17:00, Wed-Thu 12:30-9:00, Fri-Sat 12:30-10:00, Sun 12:30-9:00. Aroiris Cocina Creativa is probably the best option for vegans in Filandia. There are some vegan dishes that taste great or vegetarian dishes that can also be served vegan.

Helena Adentro Helena Adentro offers some vegan options such as vegan nachos, hummus, or dishes that can be adapted to a vegan dish.


Filandia is an unforgettable destination for those who want to experience authentic Colombian culture, breathtaking nature, and the world of coffee. From the colorful streets to the peaceful coffee plantations, this charming place offers a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. Whether strolling through the town, exploring the green hills, or just enjoying a freshly brewed coffee, the city enchants every visitor with its unique charm.

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